vineri, 10 iunie 2011

Bodybuilding tips

Some bodybuilding tips that will develop the necessary mental strength to become a natural champion. 
1) No more wasted energy thinking about what you could do if you use anabolic steroids. There is no reason for natural bodybuilders, to spend time reading or learning about what steroids do amazing things in the body of an athlete.Instead, use your time learning what to do to build your body naturally.If you can not give 5 names of steroids is well. Keep up the good work. 
2) Do not feel inferior to anyone.No one should automatically assume that you will be less than or worse than the athletes who use steroids.It will give the beat before the fight.Just because someone is using steroids, does not mean it will have a better physical or that it will "fight" all the exercises in the gym, you are the only natural pantru.Your genetic potential might make you to have greater arm him or be stronger in squats.Those who use steroids may rely too much on them and less on knowledge of training methods, nutrition and nutritional supplements.Although it might look good, you might not reach their genetic potential.Put your aim to train more efficiently and they look better without using steroids. 
3) Write in a journal of the objectives you have set them.You can not hit without targets.So you want to build a better body?What do you want to improve and how exactly? Make a statement until you get that?Make a list as explicit.For example, my arms measured 30 inches now and I want to reach 35 cm until the end. Can I get this "pulling harder" to workouts for biceps and triceps, using heavier weights and eating better.If you are really decided, each day will be only one opportunity to get closer to target. Each iteration will have a meaning.As you become more efficient in training. 
4) Never stop learning.When you feel you know enough, you will probably cease to grow, because you will not come up with anything new, innovative, to stimulate progress.Bodybuilding evolves. New training methods are discovered or old ones are refined and improved. Bodybuilders today are greater than those of yesterday, just because they learned to train better. Take advantage of this new knowledge. Not be left behind.